August 2005

Doody Calls
It’s a poopy job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Boundless Yoga
You have to be flexible if you want to move from the boardroom to the mat.

Bear Naked
Natural and healthy and available in four flavors.

Impression Obsession
Mitra Friant has stamped an impressive path.

Letter from a Wahoo in the Balkans
On a Fulbright grant in Bulgaria, John Dyer is collecting stories, encountering a new attitude in retailing and learning what happens when capitalist spirit and traditional attitudes combine.

Did You Know?

The Corner Bodo’s is still open, and the A&S Online bagel poll results are in. Everything and cinnamon raisin together drew more than half the votes, with 26.8 and 23.6 percent, respectively. Everything wheat was a distant third with 11.4 percent, followed by plain at 9.7; sesame, 8.8; wheat, 7.0; onion, 4.7; poppy, 3.2; garlic, 2.6; and salt, 2.3.


Of Special Note

Fourteen recent U.Va. graduates are in training as part of the College Guide program. Guides will be sent to Virginia school districts to encourage high-school students for whom college seems out of reach to pursue higher education. Their six-week training course includes financial aid, admissions, diversity issues and various forms of post-secondary education.


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