July 2005

What do Dave Matthews and the Philippines have in common? A guitar.
Peace Corps volunteer Tommy Schultz is here to tell you all about it. His story begins a monthly feature that will bring you first-person accounts of people of Arts & Sciences who are working and living outside the borders of the United States.

Trash to treasure
John Hong and Erik Carlson turn materials scavenged from Boston’s Big Dig into nice digs.

Play things
A renewed Spectrum Theater gets in on the act.

Rambling man
Matt Bulloch’s circuitous path took him to three schools, burning forests and Guantanamo Bay.

Story telling
Actors bring to life narratives of cancer survivors and their families, friends and caregivers.

Did You Know?

Hard to believe but true -- the Corner Bodo’s Bagels is here at last. On opening day June 15, the store served more than 1,000 customers. For fun, pick your favorite bagel from this list. We don’t have room for all the Bodo’s offerings, but if you’d like to email us at about your favorite order or other bagel tales, feel free!


Of Special Note

Almost 200 students entering the University this fall meet the criteria for a loan-free education through AccessUVa. The new financial aid program meets 100 percent of a student’s need, offers only grants to low-income students and limits loans to middle-income students who qualify for financial aid to one-fourth of the total cost of an undergraduate education. Read more.