January 2005

Comedy’s central
Even boos are good news for Jeff Hanna.

Don’t worry; be ... grateful?
In relationships, a good deed trumps a good mood.

Bringing people together
From Easters in Mad Bowl to the Allman Brothers to a Berkshires getaway, Stan Rosen tries to show folks a good time.

Study abroad — in Charlottesville
U.Va.’s ties in Africa bring foreign grad students here.

A second year in Scotland
At home in Upstate New York for Christmas, Kirsten Beattie muses on holiday customs old and new.

Did You Know?

Early decision applicants to the University faced slightly better odds this fall. Of the 2,317 who applied, 985 — or 42.5 percent — were offered a place in U.Va.’s Class of 2009, compared to 39.3 percent last year. Read more here.


Of Special Note

Almost 300 undergraduates have chosen to end winter break early to take classes in the arts, politics, the environment and more. One, David Waldner’s politics course, Nation-Building in Iraq, filled within the first 45 minutes of registration. “Daily we have gotten requests for that course,” said Dudley Doane, director of the summer session and January term. Only four of the original 18 offerings were cancelled due to low enrollment, and all but three — classes in Spain, Italy and New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon — will take place on Grounds Jan. 3 through 14.